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Organic RESTAURANT in Marbella

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The Farm is an organic restaurant in Marbella. We believe in slow food, km 0, grandma’s food with authentic, fresh and local products according to the seasons.
We are very happy to buy our vegetables from an organic cooperative from local producers. We also carefully choose our meat and fish from suppliers we trust for their honesty. Plus we have our own farm in Marbella so our food is guaranteed to be local and fresh.

Please find below a selection of our dishes. Due to the seasonal nature of our menu, it changes regularly so please ask for an updated menu if you wish to find out what’s for dinner tonight!

Cheers to that!

Not only is our food in our organic restaurant in Marbella healthy & locally sourced, so are most of our drinks!

Our wine list featured many local Spanish wines and you won’t find coca cola or other unhealthy soft drinks in our fridges. We make wonderful smoothies, juices and home made shakes!

Ask our waiter for the menu, or take a chance and let us surprise you with our delicious home made cocktails!

organic restaurant in marbella
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Iberian Ham

Farmer’s tapas selection

Local cheeses selection

Seasonal farmer salad

Pumpkin soup with beetroot chutney.

Home made avocado guacamole with crispy chips.

Quinoa falafel with tzaziki sauce

Grilled octopus with potatoe fondue.

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Oxtail with celery and apple purée.

Lamb with polenta and black olives cream.

Wild fish tajine with harissa potatoes, crispy onion and parsley broth.

Organic pasta with feta cheese, dried tomato and dill sauce.

Choose your favorite paella, farm chicken, fish & seafood or vegetarian. (min. 2 pers.)

Farmer’s burger (cheddar, bacon, tomato, lettuce and french fries – meat or vegetarian)

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Apple chimichanga with custard cream.

Carob brownie with pear ragout and maple syrup.

Local cheeses platter

Seasonal fruits delight and chia seeds

We believe in KM0, organic & lovingly prepared food.


We love healthy living and honest business

Organic Set Menus


Enjoy 4 glasses of wine with our special wine paring menu for just 9,80€!

Organic restaurant in Marbella
Organic restaurant in Marbella
Organic restaurant in Marbella
Organic restaurant in Marbella
Organic restaurant in Marbella
Organic restaurant in Marbella

*Any changes to the above menus will be considered as a la carte.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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